About Me

I love to live my life to the PLUS+.  Family, Travel, Sports, Racing……FREEDOM.   My primary goal is to live a healthy lifestyle because I want to be around my loved ones for as long as possible!  Fitness and nutrition are key to living this life. 

I’m a triathlete, an adventure racer, a marathoner….an athlete.    All around functional fitness gets me through my daily life.  If today I wanted to climb a mountain and tomorrow I wanted to swim 5 miles, I feel comfortable knowing I am fit enough to get up and do it! 

After leaving the Active Duty Air Force as an Officer and having the opportunity to train cadets to be future leaders for our military, it occurred to me how much I love to teach and how much I love fitness and I want to share that with the world! 

I continued to extend my education of fitness and health by starting to work for a company called JuicePlus+ , getting certified by the Health Coach Institute to be a Health and Life Coach as well as getting my personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).   I started this program for like-minded people – loving the great outdoors,  but all of these workouts can be done outside or in the gym or even in your Backyard.  Take your app wherever you are and get to it. 

So, now I ask you, how do you live your life to the Plus+?  What is it that gets you up every day and motivates you?   Why do you want to live a healthy lifestyle?  

My family, my travels, and my military experience have helped me realize that being healthy, challenging your mind and body and continually growing/learning and staying creative are the ways to make it through life and to feel good doing it. 

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