XTerra Worlds T-15

Entropy: lack of order or predictability.   The story of my life!

I have a plan, I swear.  Then life happens, or weather happens and then I feel like I am spinning out of control sometimes and I can’t get my feet back on the ground.   BUT this week I feel like I need to push, its ~2 weeks out and next week I will be travelling before the race, so I know I won’t get a whole lot of training in — keeping myself healthy and strong are key this week and being balanced in my nutrition.  I leave Tuesday (the 27th) for Hawaii and will need to really keep my nutrition in check as I travel.  Luckily United sucks and they make you pay for meals and drink on the plane for an 8 hour flight so I plan to sauté up some veggies, and have some raw healthy nuts and fruit with me on the plane to avoid the airplane bloat!  Will keep you posted as to what I am up to the week before the race!

T-15 through T-9

The weather was super super crappy.  I went for a 7 mile run in the pouring rain and it felt amazing.  The weather was finally cool enough for me to catch my breath and not feel like I am always just trying to get air and losing way more water than my body can handle.

I couldn’t get my initial plan of bike riding/swimming in with the bad weather (Tropical Storm shit going on here!), so I sat on the trainer for an hour and cycled like I was in a Spin class…Hills, Sprints, Jumps, Hills, Sprints, Climb, Climb Climb….rinse and repeat.

1.5 hour trail run.  Yep this is the hash. The hash is serisouly the best way to get a trail run in. You climb mountains, you traverse through rivers, you hang from waterfalls, and then make your way down mountains and back up again and through another river and over trees, and then you climb up sword grass and use every muscle in your body to not slide down the steep mountain you just climbed up. It’s amazing and probably the best training I ever get in.  I learn how to train my body and my mind on terrain so crazy that when I get to Maui, XTERRA will feel like a walk in the park.  Call me an AH3 Racest, I’m totally OK with that 🙂

Leo Palace Olympic Distance Triathlon. ROAD.  SO. MUCH. ROAD.  But Lots of HILLS too.  It was a great opportunity for me to see where I was in my training.  Am I ready? Do I feel good?  What nutrition will I bring with me to XTERRA? This race was a great stepping stone to see how I would feeling during XTERRA.  3rd Place Overall Female!  Nailed it.   A tough course and I only came out with minor scratches from the coral reef at low tide and crazy waves (~17 mins for .73), a faster than expected bike ride (~1:26 for 24 miles), and a great run to end the course (~55min for 6.2miles).  In my personal opinion, it is totally OK to race before a race.  Get a feel for being around people again, to find that comfort again in the open water with tons of people and letting your body remember what it feels like to race again.  I shook out the initial nerves and I’m feeling more ready than I thought!

Day after a race.  What to do….what to do…..
Keep moving. That is key.  Don’t just sit, you gotta loosen up those muscles.  I went to bootcamp.  Holly was teaching so I knew it was going to be a tough one but I’m actually very happy with how I was feeling and the fact that she took us to the beach for some endurance running and push-ups, squats, abs, and lunges.  Definitely not the easiest recovery but the perfect push I needed for my body and my mind!

T-11:  Run and Bike.  I went for a 5.3 mile run and then did a 1 hour cycle followed with 15 minutes of abs.  Back into the groove!

T-10: Strength Day and short sprints!   Keep the muscles strong,  No need to go crazy with big weights but strength training is very important.

10 Minute Warm-up Jump Rope
120 Walking Lunges (60 per leg)
20 Kettlebell Swings/30 Sprawls — (Sprawls are like a burped but you start with your hips down and pop up in a fighter stance and don’t jump then pop back down)
25 KB Swings/25 Sprawls
30 KB Swings/20 Sprawls
35 KB Swings/15 Sprawls
40 KB Swings/10 Sprawls

Finish with 10 minutes of AB work
My Sprint work was at Ultimate for an hour.  No need to make sprints boring on the track all the time, get out and have some fun running around a field with friends 🙂

T-9:  Back to a little distance.  5.3 Mile Run at a moderate pace.  I went from Ypao to Beach Bar and then around the trail at Beach Bar and Lotte Hotel, back to Ypao.

Then get that swim in!
200 Kick
100 Pull

2×250 Swim (100 Moderate, 50 fast, 100 Moderate) :30RI
4×150 swim (50 Moderate, 50 fast, 50 moderate) : 20 RI
4×100 Swim (25 Moderate, 50 Fast, 25 Moderate) :10RI

100 Easy Cool Down

Have a busy weekend ahead of events, and training and packing!   Have a safe and healthy weekend!


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