Simple Smoothies and Shakes

So here I am with this cute smoothie book I decided would be a great idea.  But when I look through it I can’t seem to wrap my brain around the fact that I don’t have something in the ingredients list or it requires a ton of measuring and for me that just doesn’t work.  I don’t measure (unless my scoop for my protein shake counts, then I use a scoop).  Otherwise, I hate measuring.  My husband will watch me sometimes in the kitchen and wonder how anything good actually comes out of what I am cooking or baking.   It works though…..mostly.   He follows recipes cup by cup and when he does, it is wonderful!  But I  have absolutely no patience for that.  I want to get in, get out and get moving on.  So to speak.

I love smoothies and shakes.  I love that they are cold, refreshing, creamy and healthy (usually).  I love that I can take them with me wherever I go and I don’t have to sit down with a fork and spend too much time chewing.  Yep.  Impatient.   The other best part is I don’t spend a whole lot of time chopping, my Ninja does that for me.  Whoo hoo!

I don’t plan for my drinks I just always have main ingredients in the fridge or cabinet.  This is what I usually have on hand at all times to make it easy to grab and go and combine and most of the time make a delicious snack/meal:

  • Frozen Fruits.  Always have frozen blueberries, raspberries, peaches, mango, strawberries and bananas in the freezer.


  • Veggies.  Spinach, Kale, carrots and cucumbers are great to have on hand anytime for a salad, but they also make great fillers for drinks!


  • Seeds.  Chia and Flax get added to mostly everything.  Unless it’s my coffee drink.  That doesn’t sound good at all.


  • Almond Milk.   I try to limit my dairy to cheese.  I love cheese.  So I stick to Almond Milk when it comes to my shakes and smoothies.


  • Coconut Water.  Great to have on hand to substitute almond milk (best for fruit smoothies), plus added electrolytes and gives a nice flavour over plain water. 

Coconutty Coco Dream

Almond Milk (like a cup)
A scoop of JuicePlus+ Complete Chocolate
A handful of coconut flakes

Blend.  Pour over ice.  Then throw some more coconut flakes on top for show 🙂


Chocolate Coffee Heaven

Almond Milk (like a cup)
A scoop of JuicePlus+ Complete Chocolate
1 Shot of Espresso
1 Drizzling of Honey
A shake of cinnamon

Blend all ingredients until frothy.  Then pour over ice.  Then add more cinnamon to make it look pretty 🙂


Pina Coooooolada (non alcoholic and a great recovery on a hot day!)

Coconut Water (like a cup)
A handful of fresh pineapple
Some coconut flakes
A scoop of JuicePlus+ Complete Vanilla
(Feel free to add coconut syrup but just a splash for more coconutty flavor)

Blend together until creamy and smooth. Decorate with a pineapple and then grab a coconut outside and make it a cool backdrop.


Raspberry Madness

Coconut Water (like a cup)
A handful of frozen raspberries
A smaller handful of frozen peach slices
A scoop of JuicePlus+ Complete Vanilla
A spoon of chia seeds

Blend together until thick and creamy.  Add frozen raspberries to the top to make it look pretty.  Plus a great treat at the end!


Coconut Lime Green Machine

Coconut Water (like a cup)
A squeeze of fresh lime juice or take a bottle and just add a squeeze from the bottle
A handful of fresh mango chunks
A whole kiwi (feel free to skin or not, lots of nutrients in the skin!)
A handful of Kale
A spoon of Chia
A scoop of JuicePlus+ Complete Vanilla

Blend is all together and then put it in a big ol’ wine glass or cocktail glass with a lime wedge and a fun straw.  It will make you feel like you are on a tropical island on vacation with a summer cocktail in the middle of the day.


Berry Banana Blast

Coconut Water (like a cup)
1 Small Frozen Banana
A handul of frozen mixed berries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry)
A spoon of chia or flax seeds
A scoop of JuicePlus+ Complete Vanilla

Blend all ingredients then take a photo with bananas and protein bag in background to show people how awesome you are at making smoothies.


All in one Power Shake

Coconut Water (like a cup)
A handful of kale
A handful of spinach
Half of a Cucumber (peeled)
A little bit of ginger root
A handful of frozen peaches for ice
A spoon of chia
A scoop of JuicePlus+ Complete Vanilla

Blend together until smooth and creamy.


That about wraps up some of my favourites but there are tons of options out there!  Add strawberries instead of raspberries.  Or bananas.  The frozen fruit makes up for not adding ice and I love my plant based protein powder. You can use whatever you want but if you like the idea of a plant based powder that is great for meal replacement or recovery or just as a snack feel free to check out my site for ingredients and information on this particular protein powder and ask me anything!

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