How do you fuel?

How do you Fuel?  I mean… do you feel?

It’s all about the fuel.  But how do we know what is good and what is bad?  When to eat and not eat?  How much to eat?    Start with feeding your body more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff,  but not depriving yourself.    When some of my clients can’t do the workout or have a hard time finishing because they don’t have the energy, I can’t  help but to question what they are doing at home to fuel their body.   When I ask,  they tell me they have lost weight, they feel good.  As happy as I want to be for them, it’s hard for me to acknowledge what they are doing as a good thing.  Why aren’t you eating enough food to get through the workout?   Why deny your body of the proper fuel to perform?   In fact, I know that feeling.  A couple years ago while training for Boston I put myself through a pretty extreme nutrition program so that I could ultimately look good in my wedding dress.  But my longer runs started to feel the effect of my lack of nutrition and fuel.  I had nothing left.   And although I was eating, I was not eating enough of the right things.  So there I was in the middle of a training run and just completely wasted, nothing left to give.   I have played with so many different ways of eating to get me to where I am today.    When I first started training more seriously 8 years ago, I was 150+lbs at 5’2″ and now I can say I am finally comfortable with my weight at 125lbs and my training due mostly to my change in diet.  8 years later I think I finally figured it out.

Whether you are training for an hour or less a day or for 2+ hours a day, you need to eat right to mitigate damage to your body, internally.    The more you take care of your body now the better you will be later on to prevent injury and disease.

So here are some things I have learned over the past couple years…..

1.  When training, our body builds Oxidative Stress which can damage to your cells.   Damaged cells can lead to damaged DNA which can lead to diseases.  So what can you do to protect your body?   Eat more fruits and veggies!   Boom.

2.  A normal person needs to eat at least 10 servings everyday of Fruits and Veggies.  An athlete needs more depending on their duration and intensity.  Recover faster and reduce muscle damage and injury through Raw Foods.  Easy.

3.  What are raw foods?    Start Growing.

4.  Just because you workout doesn’t mean you get to eat what you want.  Even if you think you look damn good on the outside, that doesn’t mean you look damn good on the inside.  You body is working so hard from the inside out.  If you don’t give it the proper nutrition than it won’t be able to work as well over time.   We are one big healing machine, give it the proper fuel to heal properly.

5.  Fruit isn’t bad sugar.  I’ve talked to more people than I care to admit that think that the sugar in fruit is bad.  Aye Aye Aye!  Really?  Fruit is unprocessed sugar.  So unless you want to tell me your are on a low-carb /ketogenic diet where you body doesn’t process carbs at all you should eat fruit.  It’s whole food, it’s nutrition that fuels your body!  It’s high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.  Also, it is almost impossible to consume enough fructose to cause any harm to your body.  So don’t deny yourself of a big crunchy juicy apple or the pop of juice from a big plump berry.   Go get yourself some fresh fruit!

Not sure if you caught the drift of this…..Fruits and Veggies!  Those are key to keeping your body healthy, and to fuel and recover properly.  Did you read this and still aren’t sure if you are getting enough?   Check out Juice Plus+ for more information on how to get those 10-13 servings in daily.   And feel free to ask me anything!   It’s time to stop depriving your body of the goodness of whole foods 🙂

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